Founded in Memphis in 1934 as First Federal Savings & Loan, 

our bank has a rich heritage and strong local foundation.

Starting a bank during the Great Depression must have taken courage. Yet the founders of what was to become BankTennessee had a far-reaching vision. They knew the community needed a bank that would serve as the backbone for our hardworking citizens, businesses, and families. They believed in the power of community and in the strength that comes from neighbors supporting neighbors. Our founders set out to create a banking institution that would not only provide financial services but also foster a sense of unity and resilience within our community.

While we started with only one branch, our bank grew with the needs of the community and expanded over the last 90 years into new markets and lines of business. Our journey has been one of commitment and growth, but our core values and mission remain the same: to provide reliable, personalized banking services while nurturing the prosperity of our community.

We've witnessed and supported the birth of local businesses. We've seen children grow, go to college, and buy their first home. We've stood by our community during tough times, offering a helping hand when needed. These stories and experiences have shaped us into what we are today – a bank with a heart for the people – where every customer is family, and every transaction is a step towards a stronger community.

Join us as we celebrate 90 years. Let’s write the next chapter of our story together.

Welcome to BankTennessee. With you, the best is yet to come.