As part of the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (S.A.F.E. Act) of 2008, our mortgage loan officers have been registered with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System Registry (NMLS), and a unique identifier number has been assigned to them.

Below is a list of our BankTennessee loan officers with their NMLS identification number.


NMLS #441426 

Christi Shonta' Adams
Branch Manager, Collierville Square
NMLS #1135047 

Katelyn Asbury
Loan Assistant, Schilling
NMLS #2013419

Jacqueline Aundrenia Baker
Loan Assistant & Branch Assistant, Carthage
NMLS #2567293

Jeffrey Alan Bond
Sr. VP, Commercial Lender, Gallatin
NMLS #585609

Peyton Broyles
Branch Manager, Carthage
NMLS #1668825

Jessica Campbell
Mortgage Loan Specialist, Collierville Schilling
NMLS #492017

Wright Cox
President & CEO, Collierville Schilling
NML #556823

Robyne Earnest 

Branch Manager, Collierville Schilling
NMLS #556824 

Mark Graves 

Sr VP, Commercial Lender, Collierville Schilling
NMLS #654978 

Susan Griggs
Loan Administrative Asst., Collierville Schilling
NMLS #799601

Timothy Allen Hale
VP, Commercial Lender, Gallatin
NMLS #740220

Jeanne Hamilton
VP, Branch Manager, Forest Hill
NMLS #556829

Chad Harkness
Regional President, Munford
NMLS #586781

Brad Houser
Middle Tennessee President
Commercial Lender, Lebanon

NMLS #556831

Steven Jackson 

VP, Commercial Lender, Downtown Memphis
NMLS #611542

Peyton Jones 

Commercial Lender, Forest Hill
NMLS #611542

Stephen Key
AVP, Branch Manager, Lebanon
NMLS #488658

Brian Lowery 
Chief Credit Officer, Collierville Schilling 
NMLS #654985 

Amanda Martin
Assistant Branch Manager, Gallatin
NMLS #2557835

Jayme Ann Mitchell
Loan Assistant, Ripley
NMLS #1220353

Christina Montgomery
Portfolio Manager, Munford
NMLS #2610322

Cindy Ann Perry
Branch Manager, East Memphis
NMLS #592030

Tamera R. Phillips
Administrative Assistant, Ripley
NMLS #1833070

Jennifer Alene Pritchard
Business Development, Lebanon
NMLS #640953

Brooke Smith
Branch Manager, Munford
NMLS #2519279

Eddie Sykes
Sr. VP, Commercial Lender, Carthage
NMLS #610811

Michael Dustin (Dustey) Walley 

Sr. VP, Commercial Lender, Collierville Schilling
NMLS #415959

Jimmy Wieber

VP, Branch Manager, Commercial Lender, Ripley
NMLS #556839

Brandi Wilkerson-Pursell
Executive Portfolio Manager, Lebanon
NMLS #1086504

Joanna Christine Wittenberg
AVP, Loan Officer/Loan Assistant, Gallatin
NMLS #2365364

 K. York

Retail Market Manager, Gallatin
NMLS #790995