ACH Fraud Protection for Business
Help protect your business checking account from unauthorized transactions with ACH Positive Pay without the tedious task of reviewing every item. 

Monitors Debit Activity
ACH Positive Pay is an online fraud-fighting tool for your business checking account. It enables you uses filters and blocks to allow you to manage and pre-authorize debits posting to your account.
Cost-Effective Solution to Protect your Business
Take control of your ACH transactions and easily monitor ACH debit activity on your business checking account. With a competitive rate, ACH Positive Pay makes it affordable to protect your business.
Customizable ACH Controls
Along with the ability to authorize a company for debits, you can control blocking and returning all ACH transactions. You can also create customer restrictions for debit funds by customizing rules based on:
  • Dollar restrictions
  • Number of transaction
  • Start and end dates
How Does It Work?
It's a simple, 3-step process.
  1. ACH debits to your account are first compared to existing authorizations you previously set up.
  2. Items matching the criteria you establish will be released for payment.
  3. Any exception, or ACH debit without a prior authorization on file, will be available for your online review and decision.