COLLIERVILLE, Tenn., March 1, 2022 – Wright Cox is celebrating 30 years with BankTennessee. With the bank since 1992, he has been promoted to leadership roles throughout his banking career. He is now president and CEO for BankTennessee and also serves as a board member for the bank as well as its holding company. 

In March 1992, Wright, who was one of the original investors and board members of the bank when it was founded, became one of our first employees. At the time, he had 10 years of banking experience and joined as senior vice president.

“We thank Wright for his 30 years of service to BankTennessee. He has made many fine contributions to our bank as well as to the Town of Collierville, and we are proud that he is on our team,” said Joel Porter, chairman of the bank's board of directors.

Remembering his first days at the bank, Wright said, “Jack Everett handed me a note ‘Make good loans fast!’ Since loans were down, and cash was up, that was my call to action." he remarked. Today, a top loan producer at BankTennessee, he wishes he still had that piece of paper. 

He said that one of the first rules you learn in lending is to trust your instinct to know if this customer will pay his loan on time. In fact, one of his best memories in his career is when a couple wanted to buy a house, but they could not “check every box.” Wright knew deep down that they were going to pay their mortgage. At the closing table, the wife cried tears of happiness. The couple had rented for 14 years, and they were thankful to finally be in their first home. And just as he knew, the couple always paid their loan on time.

He credits the relationships he developed in the community for his successful career. “BankTennessee is in the business of helping people,” Mr. Cox said. “We understand that the bank has to make a profit and provide a return for its shareholders, but the job of a community banker is to understand the needs of the local area and to help people make the right decision to achieve their goals.”

“It’s your neighbors. It’s the people you see at church and at the grocery store. They know you, and you know them. These are our customers – the people we help.” 

“As we grow throughout our careers, it’s important for us to not only develop relationships to establish business, but it’s essential for us to have a circle of mentors who we look to for advice and help,” Wright continued. “I am privileged to have had many who have shared their lifetime of wisdom with me, and I model both my professional career and personal life from their words and actions. I cherish my relationship with each of them.”

Born and raised in Collierville, Wright has been an avid supporter of education and his hometown throughout his career. He was elected in 2016 to a second term as a board member for the Collierville Municipal School System and serves as 2021 chairman of the board. During his first term, the board was tasked to establish a new school system and build a new state-of-the-art high school for the Town of Collierville.

He is a past president and a founding board member for the Collierville Education Foundation . Wright is a recipient of the C.H. Harrell Education Award, which is presented annually to an individual who goes above and beyond to support education in Collierville

He was a two-term president for the Collierville Chamber of Commerce, and, for more than 20 years, he was a board member for the organization. He is also a founding board member for Leadership Collierville and is founding chairman of the Collierville Three Star Foundation. Wright is also an elder at Hope Church and has been a part of its growth for more than 30 years.

Cox is a graduate of the Rhodes College Executive Leadership Program, the Louisiana State University School of Banking and Texas Christian University.

While his career and the community are important to him, Wright Cox’s first love is his family. He is married to Cindy McDonald Cox. They have 3 grown children Morgan, wife Lauren Cox; Genna, husband Fred Vann; and Wright, wife Charlotte. The couple also has 6 grandchildren.

Photo at top of page: Wright Cox and his wife Cindy Cox.

First photo in copy: Wright and Cindy Cox with their grandbabies.

Second photo in copy: Wright Cox goes back to school.