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Business Online Banking

Tired of calling the bank to check balances? Are you away from your desk a lot? Then online banking is just right for you. Monitor account information and perform routine banking tasks without leaving the office.

Remote Deposit

Are you always rushing to the bank to make a deposit by the end of the day? BankTennessee’s remote capture service is here to help. Save trips to the bank and deposit checks at your office anytime it’s convenient to you! Learn more. Link to Remote Capture page.

Electronic Wire Transfers

Are you calling the bank all the time to request a transfer? Let us help you and show you how you can transfer funds quickly and efficiently by initiating wires online.

Merchant Card Services

Is your credit card company charging you high fees? Or are you opening a new business and want to accept credit cards from your customers? Talk to us. We can create a economical, customized solution to process all major credit cards. 

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Services
Overwhelmed with paying bills? We love seeing you, but aren’t you tired of coming in to the bank to deposit your payroll? Streamline and automate it all with BankTennessee ACH services. Types of ACH payments include:
  • Direct deposit of payroll, expense reimbursements, vendor payments, membership dues, cash concentration.
  • Business-to-business payments
  • Same Day ACH is now available! Before this change took effect, you could send an ACH payment out Monday and it would be credited on Tuesday morning. You now have the opportunity to send out a payment - for example - on Monday to be credited by Monday afternoon at 5pm. If you are interested in the Same Day ACH, please let us know.

Positive Pay

Concerned about fraud? Talk to us about Positive Pay, and reduce the possibility of loss due to fraudulent or altered checks.


Are you tired of going to the bank to deposit checks? Then save time and let us go to the post office for you to collect payments, make deposits.

Zero Balance Accounts

Are you tired of calling the bank to transfer funds between account to cover payroll, tax payments or anything else? Then talk to us about Zero Balance Accounts, and see how you can eliminate the need to manually track and transfer funds each day while maintaining the integrity of individual transactions. Plus you may be able to reduce overdrafts and related fees.

Sweep Services

Are your outstanding checks taking too long to clear? Do you have to maintain a balance in excess of your needs to compensate for bank services? Then BankTennessee’s Sweep Services may be just right for you. With sweep services, you can earn interest income on excess collected funds while having the liquidity you need.

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