We are always looking for new ways to stop fraud faster. With enhanced fraud prevention tools, we can quickly text you if we suspect suspicious activity on your BankTennessee debit card.

If you receive a fraud alert message, simply respond whether the transaction was yours or not. We will only ask you to verify the validity of the transaction. 

Don’t worry. If you miss our text, we’ll send you an email or try to call you. There is no cost to you for this service.

In order to notify you immediately of potential fraudulent use of your debit card, please contact your local BankTennessee branch to verify that we have your current contact information. 


Please remember! BankTennessee will never ask you by email, text message or phone for any personal information such as your Social Security number, personal identification numbers, credit card numbers, or online banking password. We do not use any of these methods to confirm, verify, activate or authenticate your personal information. 

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Lost or Stolen Card?

During business hours, call your local branch or our main office: 901-854-0854
After hours & holidays: 800-500-1044